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A Few Words About SUNROOM Sandton

The Sunroom Tanning Studio is dedicated to indoor tanning all year round. We offer all tanning related services ie Sunbed tanning, spray tans, tanning accelerators, aftercare products as well as a selftan product range for home use. 
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The Sun and Beauty Room

Detox at the Sunroom using the ozone therapy machine. Your detox and slimming solution and latest in weight loss, reduction of cellulite and detoxification, whilst boosting your immune system all year round. Your ultimate personal sauna for anti-aging and longevity. 
Deepen, extend and maintain your gorgeous and bronzed tan by always using tanning enhancer to ensure that you maximise and extend your tan all year round, preventing premature aging. 
Velvety soft lotions enriched with the finest ingredients redefining a dark and sexy bronzed glow. 
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Professional Procedures

The Sunroom offers indoor tanning on state of the art Ergoline sunbeds, whether using the lie down or stand up tanning units. Ensuring a gorgeous bronzed ‘just off the beach’ tan all year round. 
Enjoy a seamless spray tan that only takes 10 min to apply and can last up to 2 weeks, making you look bronzed and gorgeous.  Our solution has an olive hued undertone as opposed to orange, ensuring that you never look orange or fake.
operating hours
 Mon-fri 7am-7pm 
Sat 8-5pm (summer)
Sat 8-3:30pm (winter)
Sun 9-1pm
Holiday 10-4pm


Ozone detox therapy is a combination of steam, medical oxygen and ozone resulting in various benefits, namely;
  • Promotes relaxation 
  • Stimulates circulation 
  • Reduces weight & cellulite 
  • Supports other healing therapies
  • Removal of toxins and other harmful substances
  • Boost and enhance your immune system 
  • Revitalise and enhance lymphatic drainage
  • Acts as a powerful anti-fungal, anti-viral & anti-microbial agent
  • Increases the white blood  cell count 
  • Speeds up the metabolic process resulting in a loss of 200-450 calories in one session 
  • Dramatically increases oxygenation of tissue and cells, to name but a few.

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