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The Sun Room Tanning Studios

Welcome to our professional salons, where a fabulous range of tanning and treatments await you.

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Our Sunrooms

Established in 1995, The Sunroom Tanning Studios have been offering our clients reliable quality indoor tanning services for well over a decade.

Our convenient and well maintained salons offer a range of services and affordable tanning options as well as a host of related products to help you manage a beautiful healthy tan. 

The studios have applied a wealth of experience and the advanced technology of the German engineered Ergoline tanning machines, along with knowledgeable, competent staff, to ensure safe and effective tanning solutions for our clients.

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Indoor Tanning offers clients a safe and effective alternative to outdoor tanning all year round.

Along with the psychological benefits of tanning, UV exposure produces naturally activated Vitamin D in the body.

This is essential to prevent various diseases such as osteoporosis, depression, diabetes and multiple sclerosis, among others.

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How often should I tan?

It is important to know your own skin. If your skin is sensitive and burns easily, make sure your sessions are short and spaced a few days apart so that your base tan builds slowly and effectively. 

It is recommended that a minimum of 24 hours is left between tanning sessions. Our advice is to tan a maximum of 3 times in a week to avoid overexposure.

A healthy tan can be maintained in 1 or 2 sessions a week if correctly maintained.

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Irregular and unmanaged exposure to the natural sun often leads to sunburn and skin damage. By tanning regularly, the human body develops a natural tolerance to the sun by activating the melanin in the skin. This helps to prevent sunburn and skin damage from UV exposure. 

Tanning beds use UVA and UVB light to activate the skin’s natural melanin. A high UVA, low UVB intensity optimises the deep tissue within the skin to create a natural tan without burning  the skin’s fragile surface. Tanning beds also filter the harsh and harmful UV rays emitted by the natural sun.  

By tanning in short, regular sessions, using indoor tanning machines greatly reduces the risk of over-exposure to the sun and skin damage.


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